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Monday, 3 July 2017

Circle House

Anders Berensson Architects has designed a round villa overlooking the Swedish great lake Vänern. The client asked for a space-efficient, white stone house. Since the circle is the shape that contains most area within the least circumference and stone walls are easy to build in round shapes we decided to design a round villa made out of white stone walls. 

Rendering of back

The floor plan is designed so all rooms are connected to the center living room reducing unwanted communication space.  All round walls are made by different types of stones that will be painted or plastered white where as all straight walls are made out of standard gypsum board walls to  reduce cost. The outer circle is built by light concrete blocks that is both insulating and load bearing. The middle circle is built by standard bricks that are load bearing but not insulating. Since the bricks will be painted white we can use cheap miss colored ones. The inner circle that is the fireplace is built by a finer type of brick that is suitable for both outside and inside use. Since all Swedish fire places needs to have a ladder for the chimney sweeper we decided to make that ladder into something extra ordinary. Around the fire place leads a stair to a terrace on top of the chimney with a 360 degree view over the area that can be both used by the chimney sweeper but most of all by our clients living in the house.

Floor plan
Rendering inside the living room

Floor plan with wall types

Rendering of floor plan

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Anders Berensson Architects in collaboration with Swedish housing company Sommarnöjen has designed the next generation of the company's housing series c/o. The work included designing two bigger models c/o 40 and c/o 50 plus overlooking and further improve the production, detailing and design process of the whole c/o series.

c/o 40
The customers of Sommarnöjen often own remote plots on the Swedish country side. To increase the accessibility where the house can be transported c/o 40 is deigned in two separate modules optimized in widths, length and heights for Swedish road conditions. The house is later assembled into one unit when lifted on site. One unit includes kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms and one unit the living room with less installations that makes is easy to adapted to views and specific conditions of each site.

c/o 40 Tidlös

c/o 40 Modern
c/o Klassisk

 General floor plan

c/o 50
The c/o 50 has the same layout and spatial configuration as c/o 40 but with one extra bedroom.

c/o 50 Tidlös

c/o 50 modern
c/o 50 Klassisk

General floor plan

Detailing, design process & automation
Apart from designing the two new models the bulk part of the work has been to go through every single detail, drawings and the whole production-line of all c/o models to improve every possible detail together with the team at Sommarnöjen . The work included visiting all factories in Latvia and Estonia producing  c/o. Updating the software to automate the drawing process of  each house, plus redistribute and change information flows between different computer programs and professions. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Tri-Shed at the studio during autumn 2016

Anders Berensson has designed a small pedagogical/learn to build/practical structure for Full Scale Studio. A Tri-shed a much needed tool shed that is one bigger unit at school but can be divide into three smaller tool-sheds when being out on town building projects for clients.

Third of the Tri-shed on a building site during spring 2017

Since the house is built by students, the building process of the factory is a crash course in common Swedish construction methods. Every moment in erecting the building is designed as a lesson in construction and how to use common hand tools. A critical part of the design was to keep 28 students occupied at the same time and make sure that each group of students had to go through all building methods and techniques to succeed with their assignment, techniques that are crucial to know for their forth coming projects. Every cut is designed for various cutting tools such as circle saws, jig saws and hand saws. The house is also assembled with several different assembly methods such as nailing, screwing and so on.

Two day workshop outside the architecture school assembling the sheds.

To the left transporting one third of the Tri-shed to the right assembling the roof

Since the house should be able to move back an forth from the Studio space at KTH the house is designing to exactly fit into the school elevator standing on a hand pallet truck when taking of the roof. Due to the studio has a low budget the shed is designed with as lite material use as possible 

Overview drawing and material order

Cutting drawings to reduce material waste



Thursday, 25 May 2017

Full Scale Spring 2017

As a founder and teacher of Full Scale Studio Anders Berensson is proud to present the studios 2017 spring semester projects with some fantastic houses designed and built by students at KTH School of Architecture.  To get the full story click here to read more on the studio home page.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Brussels Lecture

Anders Berensson will do a lecture at the Recyclart center in Brussels on April 19th. The lecture will focus on the firms work in Stockholm and how operating in the city effects our work. If you happen to be in Brussels on the 19th you are most welcome to drop by.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pacific Northwest Study Trip

This week Anders is taking his KTH School of Architecture Master studio "Full Scale Studio" on a study trip to the Pacific Northwest to meet some legendary American and Canadian colleagues, buildings, specialist and legends in the field of Architecture. The focus on the trip is on new fabrication methods. The trip is stretching from visiting small design build studios to wood skyscraper researchers to visiting the Boeing factory. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Anders Berensson Architects has designed the interior for a single room apartment in central Stockholm. The design is based on making use of a big void bellow half of the apartment’s floor in combination with manifesting the client’s penchant for a French "bobo" life style. The apartment is divided into a kitchen area in the higher part of the flat that sits on top of the void and a social zone in the lower part. The void beneath the kitchen floor serves as the apartment’s storage. It stores the bed when not used and several other necessities. The kitchen floor also host a series of hatches with glass lids to store things that are practical to see and fun to show such as a shoe hatch, herb hatch, good looking iron hatch and the entrance hatch to the void. To make the kitchen area feel more French we painted the already white floor in a checkerboard pattern. The pattern is also covering the glass lids creating a raster effect especially at night when the hatches are lit. The social zone in the lower part of the flat consist of a sofa covering three sides of the space. The forth side is a custom made book shelf covering the four meter high wall. The bookshelf has an integrated workstation and half of the shelf is adapted in depth to host the clients collection of 11 cm deep French white paperback novels. At night the social zone transforms into a giant bed by sliding out a bed from under the kitchen floor that fills the gap between the sofas. Most of the apartment was design during dinner sessions with the client. These sessions often led to the refinement of small personal fun details such as a iron board, a wine cooler bench, a folding kitchen table etc. During one session the client also gave us free hands to design some of the details in a subtle way to manifest his mating preferences. Small details that should raise the question is it or is it not a ...?

Social part turned into a bed

Main drawing

Picture from kitchen 

Book shelf

Picture from social part

Big hatch in use during party

Good looking iron hatch
Entrance hatch

Shoe hatch

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Anders Berensson Architects in collaboration with interior designer Pelle Rickberg and Wild Windows has designed the retrofitting of an old barn "Vinkelladan" in Norra Djurgården Stockholm. The barn is programmed to do two things. The first is to host conferences and events, the second is to educate Fjällräven ambassadors from all over Europe in the company’s philosophy, products and retail. The second purpose formed the concept for this design by asking the question: Do we need architecture to solve this or can we do it with outdoor clothes and new customs? This questions has led us to find simple solutions to complicated problems by looking towards the outdoor industry and local customs rather than doing complicated and costly building designs. 

Explanatory drawing of the whole interior

The design is based on the schedule of a normal guest and what they will experience and learn during some intense days in Sweden. The architecture should assist the ongoing education in bringing the visitor into a calm, focused and adoptive mindset. Therefor we decided to write the architecture like a manuscript focusing on the state of mind of a visitor before making drawings. People are usually quite susceptible when arriving to a new country. We decided to take advantage of that and introduce a sportier, sober and focused Sweden. A Sweden where one go out hiking instead of drinking alcohol in a hotel lobby, A Sweden that changes into slippers while studying retail, a Sweden that loves sleeping in super modern tents. This introduction to local customs and outdoor activities saved us from building hotel rooms, bad hangovers, and cost for cleaning and sound absorbing plates. But most of all gave the visitor a more focused and instructive education. Bellow you can read the manuscript translated into drawings, customs, slippers, tents, benches, tables plus much more.

Drawing of entrance
The entrance:
When entering Vinkelladan the guest have been flying for hours across Europe. To take of your shoes when entering a building is a Swedish custom. As a guest it is a liberation for the feet to change from shoes into wool moccasins. The wool moccasins does more than making your feet comfortable, it is also a transit gesture and a mood changer. On a more pragmatic level it also keeps Vinkelladan clean from dirt and reduces sharp sounds from shoes creating a calm and focused learning environment.

Moccasin stand

Drawing of Tipis
The Tipis:
As a visitor you get access to your personal Tipi. The tent is the home away from home where one can store personal belongings but also rest and gain focus in between meetings and lectures. The tent is made out of merino wool that is nontoxic, highly sound absorbing, and fire proof. The tent has a small shelf in the back for storage of personal things but are primary designed for resting. Each tent has a thick wool carpet to rest on.

Photograph of Tipis from outside

Photograph of a Tipi from Inside

Drawing of Lounge Sofas

The Lounge Sofas:
The reviled part of the wooden truss system is one of the most characteristic parts of the barn. The trusses creates small spaces between themselves. This space is used for custom made sofas. The space between each truss varies but it’s just enough to fit two people sitting. You are also able to lie down behind the trusses if you are alone in the sofa. The trusses combined with the sofa creates a smaller intimate space that are much needed in a big room. The sofas are made of Swedish pine tree.

Photograph of Lounge Sofa
Drawing of tables

The Tables:
The dinner tables was built by the previous owner of the barn, they are made in glass fiber. The tables are light but look heavy and looks great. These tables has been equipped with some nice wood carpentry to make them more useful and blend in better with the rest of the interior.

The Lounge tables are made from a locally harvest Elm Tree. A disease called “The Elm Tree disease” has forced the harvesting of many beautifully elm trees to stop the disease from spreading. One of these trees where cut down just right next to Vinkelladan. This tree was gigantic and we wanted to display its size by cutting it in a horizontal direction and making tables out of it. At the evening when turning on the lights the lamps projects traditional board games such as chess, tick tack toe, Chinese checkers and backgammon. The massive elm trees takes about a year to dry. Right now there standing under the entrance roof waiting to come inside.

Photograph of dinner table

Photograph of Lounge table still drying, the table takes about a year to dry. When dried it will be further drafted as shown in drawing.

The Office and Test Store:
The education also offer a full scale test store. The store is built with Fjällrävens latest interior profile. The shop is a full scale learning experience where people learn in a real environ how to display items and much more.
Photograph of test store in use

The kitchen is designed to feel like your own kitchen where you can open the fridge and grab something to eat or take a coffee without having to order it from someone. The food is made in the nearby Fiskartorpet kitchen and prepared on site. Vinkelladan don't serve alcohol. When leaving the barn you should feel fresh, not hangover.

Photograph of kitchen in use
Since Vinkelladan is all about an outdoor experience, Vinkelladan doesn't offer traditional hotel rooms. Vinkelladan offers a tent camp in the middle of the royal forest. The tents are the best Fjällräven tents filled with outdoor equipment’s for camping. In the morning you get a cup of coffee or tea and there are outdoor showers for those who want. Breakfast is served when back at the barn.

Photograph of tent camp

Log/sketch 2, winter mood

Logo/sketch 1, summer mood